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Fiera Milano Group is attentive to prevent risks of any kind that could compromise the responsible and sustainable management of its functions.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Code of Conduct for companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Fiera Milano Group has created this tool to offer the possibility of reporting any or all suspected irregularities of which it is aware.

Reports may concern problems with the internal control system (e.g. compliance with external laws and regulations, as well as company rules and procedures, fraud against company assets and corporate information, administrative liability of the company) or other matters in breach of the Code of Ethics (e.g. ethics of behaviour, mobbing practices, harassment, conflicts relating to personnel management) and/or in breach of the Organizational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 approved by each company belonging to Fiera Milano Group.

Fiera Milano Group guarantees all aspects of confidentiality and security in the protection of personal data and in the processing of information, through the adoption of secure protocols and the use of encryption tools for the contents of reports and any attachments.

The current procedure aims to regulate the process of receiving, analysing and determining actions for Reports, also in anonymous or confidential form (so-called whistleblowing), received from third parties and from personnel of Fiera Milano Group companies regarding alleged irregularities.

Procedure for managing reports

Transmission channels for reports

Without prejudice to the possibility of transmitting Reports by any means, the following specific transmission channels are established:

Voice mail: toll-free number 800.688.326

Ordinary mail:
Security Manager
Fiera Milano S.p.A.
S.S. del Sempione 28
20017 Rho (MI)