Expo Business Matching: the ideal passport for international development


Expo Milano 2015 has been a not-to-be-missed opportunity for Italy and "Made in Italy". It has been Italy's chance to show the world its very best in terms of culture, creativity, tourism and lifestyle. But Expo has also generated business affairs and commercial relationships, thanks to the presence of businessmen and financial delegations from the countries taking part in the event, in Milan for six months. Turning this possibility into tangible facts was the aim of Expo Business Matching, an initiative without precedent in the history of the Universal Expositions.


 What it was


Expo Business Matching, promoted by Expo Milano 2015 in partnership with Fiera Milano, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Promos and PwC, was a web platform for business meetings, specially created to encourage and facilitate international relations between enterprises during the six months of Expo.



What it offered


The presence of over 140 countries, bringing trade delegations and representatives from institutions to Italy, was an extraordinary opportunity for Italian enterprises to forge relations with the world. The matching platform generated 1,150 meetings and 2,550 active companies took part in the initiative (1,800 Italian and 750 from outside Italy). In this way, Italian and international producers, distributors, suppliers, buyers and investors all had a chance to participate in a platform capable of registering the mutual areas of interest and of identifying the situations with the highest likelihood of creating real alliances thanks to one-to-one encounters hosted by Fiera Milano. 72 countries got involved in the platform (including the USA, China, Arab Emirates, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Japan); those achieving the largest number of meetings were China, Japan and Brazil. The main areas of interest, meanwhile, were the sectors of Food & Beverage, Industry and automation and Furnishings, Art and Design.


 The matching platform


The innovative aspect of this project was that it created a technological platform able to accurately profile the parties who subscribed and to match the needs of Italian companies with the profiles of registered foreign companies. Based on the affinities identified, a list of possible matches was drawn up, which, after further checks, were used to create an agenda of meetings. For each meeting confirmed, the participants also had a series of services, including coordination of agendas with the counterparties, assistance during meetings with the presence of technical-cultural mediators (9 languages available) and a general report of the meeting. Furthermore, those registering received information about all the business events organised by the countries taking part during the six-month Expo 2015 and access to selected publications, documents and content on the theme of internationalisation.