A new network that allows for Wi-Fi coverage of the entire exhibition district has been completed. Fiera Milano thus takes its place at the top of the world’s most technologically advanced exhibition centres, improving exhibition accessibility and introducing new business tools to exhibitions.
Exhibitors and visitors have a cutting edge network for accessing Fiera Milano’s rich portfolio of digital and proximity marketing services.
The Wi-Fi infrastructure offers a band width capable of supporting an extremely high number of connections and at the same time maximum flexibility of use. Coverage may in fact be activated for single areas (not only on a pavilion level, but also by area inside a pavilion) and for different types of services and connection speed. The exhibition that occupies the pavilions at any given time will be able to decide whether to make Wi-Fi available to its exhibitors and visitors, or to segment the user base; whether to allow a completely free connection or to reserve the free connection to exhibition services only (such as information regarding the event), with a fee for accessing other services which may interest the user.
Besides connectivity services through Wi-Fi, operators at Fiera will also have, from the end of the year, a range of services designed on the basis of the most innovative and effective interactive Proximity Marketing models. For example, visitors may later retrace their visit and their actions by re-accessing all the information on the companies they visited and the products they were interested in. What’s more, near areas covered by Wi-Fi, they will receive personalised information to enhance their visit and business with the operators present. Exhibitors’, on the other hand, will have more tools to perfect visitor “matching” and to generate key contacts, while those who organise exhibitions may obtain, by way of a completely anonymous flow tracking system, analytical reports on visitor behaviour, highly useful for understanding the relevant stakeholders and to improve exhibition layout and format.