In the last three years, Fiera Milano Group has developed an integrated risk management model based on internationally recognised standards of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
The main aim is to have a systematic and proactive approach to the main risks to which the Group is exposed, to assess in advance the potential negative effects, implement the opportune actions to mitigate these effects, and to monitor continuously any relative exposure.
In order to achieve this Fiera Milano SpA has compiled a catalogue of Group risks linked to the strategies being implemented, together with a risk mapping and risk scoring methodology. Specifically, the Group integrated risk management process entails an annual (i) update of the risk catalogue according to the strategies implemented and the management and business model used; (ii) assessment of the risks by the management of Fiera Milano SpA and of its subsidiaries; (iii) consolidation of information and prioritisation of the risks and the consequent areas of action; (iv) tolerance analysis of any exposure identified and formulation of the appropriate management strategies/actions and the identification of those responsible for implementing such actions.
The Internal Audit Committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors is informed of the results of the aforementioned annual processes.
The document hereinafter describes the main risk factors and uncertainties to which Fiera Milano Group is exposed that have emerged from the aforementioned process, taking into account the business sector in which it operates and the characteristics of the business model it uses. A description is also given, where necessary, of the Group policies to manage and mitigate the risks described.The document is an abstract of the 2016 annual report.

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