Fiera Milano has adopted a Procedure regarding transactions with related parties, which defines rules and safeguards aimed at ensuring substantial and procedural transparency and correctness of operations with related parties implemented directly by Fiera Milano SpA or by its subsidiaries.
The Procedure identifies the Internal Audit Committee as the body delegated to express an opinion, with or without recommendations, on the interests of the Company in the transaction and on the substantive correctness of the proposed terms for carrying out the related-party transaction.
The Procedure makes use of the exception permitted under Consob Regulations governing related-party transactions which, while respecting the rules on making information available to the public, permits smaller listed entities – that is, those with balance sheet assets or revenues in the most recently approved consolidated financial statements that do not exceed Euro 500 million – to apply to Transactions of Greater Importance the process and approval normally reserved for Transactions of Lesser Importance.
The Procedure hereinafter, approved by the Board of Directors on 5 November 2010, was amended with resolution of 27 July 2015.

Last updated on 04/09/2015 - 10.24