Fiera Milano will be turned into tennis courts for the Next Gen ATP Finals
In November Fiera Milano will be hosting a rather unusual event for the world of trade fairs: a tennis tournament. The Next Gen ATP Finals - the name of this sporting event - brings the world of tennis back to Milan in great style, after being off the ATP World Tour circuit since 2005. So, the Next Gen ATP Finals being held at Fiera Milano from 7 to 11 November is a great chance to see the finest of the up-and-coming champions challenge each other in the new, breath-taking season final. 
An extraordinary event  – organised by the ATP, FIT and CONI partnership – that aims at revolutionising tennis with new, forward-looking rules for a faster pace and to make the sport more exciting than ever.
The stars of the future - the world's eight, top-ranked 21-and-under singles players from the international circuit - will be battling it out on the courts. Seven of them are the RACE TO MILANO winners and the eighth is the wild card given to Gianluigi Quinzi who wins the qualifying rounds between the eight best Italians in the category.
The tournament will follow the same format as the ATP World Tour Finals in London: a round-robin group stage followed by knock-out semi-finals and a final. The event will award US$ 1.25 million in prize money.