MIPEL112: exhibitor numbers up by 10% and visitors by 17%.
Today, 20 September 2017, sees the conclusion of edition number 112 of MIPEL, the first to be led by Danny D’Alessandro in his capacity as CEO of MIPEL and General Manager of AIMPES.
The recorded figures add some clearly encouraging elements to the statistics: for the first time in many years, the exhibitors were fully booked (up by 10%). There was a double-digit increase in visitors (+17%) with respect to the attendances of September 2017, with 27% more Italian buyers. On the international front, Russian buyers recorded a positive growth of 5%, as did Ukrainian buyers, with a visitor boom of +29%.
The positive results achieved are in line with the latest economic data of the leather goods industry, recently presented by AIMPES (Italian Association of Leather Goods Manufacturers), sponsor of MIPEL, which, in the first six months of the year, marked a 14% increase in exports (source ISTAT). The initial major conclusion that can be drawn from this economic data is that industrial production has increased and - compared to the same period last year - higher value products have been exported. These are products that historically best characterise Italian production: “beautiful and well-made” products with high added value.
“MIPEL is still able to tell an authentic story using new words: the history is one of great classical craftsmanship, enhanced, for several editions now, by the most innovative offers found on the international market,” adds Roberto Briccola, MIPEL President.
“We were able to achieve these results," says Riccardo Braccialini, AIMPES President "also thanks to important collaborations, including that with the Chamber of Italian Fashion and the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers, essential institutions on the Italian fashion scene, which enabled us to create an innovative meeting point between the top Italian buyers and the most intriguing upcoming designers. In addition, we must not forget the actions to bolster trade show events and internationalisation projects implemented with the support of ICE - Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development, which have contributed to increasing brand awareness of the event in the countries of reference for exports of Italian leather goods. The positive trend of this event was also achieved by working in unison with other shows, a synergy “built” thanks to the work performed on the “Fashion Roundable”, strongly supported by the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda and the Undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto.”
“The positive figures and the satisfaction of our exhibitors require us to grow, to grow well and to innovate even further. Given the success with the public and the critics, our flagship projects (“The Glamorous” and “Scenario”) will certainly be bolstered, always relying on the collaboration of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers. We do not intend to move an inch on the need to demonstrate what we are and what we are able to do. We are already working enthusiastically on the new edition. At the moment, I can only say that the cooperation commitment with the other shows of the period, and also with the City of Milan for the Fuori Salone event, will continue. For this edition, our Fuori Salone event will probably deal with the fashion-art niche, which has already been the subject of recent events, such as the exhibition “Andy Warhol da New York alle Stelline”, at Palazzo delle Stelline, which was greatly appreciated by the public.”