Sanpellegrino Group is the leading Company in Italy in the mineral water and soft drinks industry, and one of the most important in the world, with a rich portfolio of mineral waters, non-alcoholic aperitifs, drinks / soft drinks and iced teas, which employs about 1.500 people in the Italian territory.
The Group owns four brands of mineral water - S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna, Levissima and Nestlé Vera - distinct from each other in characteristics, packaging and price range, sparkling fruit beverages, iced teas and aperitifs, able to meet the diverse needs of consumers in terms of taste and consumption occasions.
Remarkable there are the historical beverages owned by the Group: Aranciata Sanpellegrino in the Amara and Dolce versions, the mith of Chinò, Specialità del Gusto with the Cocktail and Cedrata, Limonata and Pompelmo, as well as Acqua Brillante Recoaro and Beltè – in its two variances Frutta Infusa Pesca and Limone (peace and limon tastes), besides the newest Beltè BIO Thé Verde (green tea) and Thé Nero (black tea) and Frutti Rossi (raspberries). The new entry of the beverages is Specialità Italiane with two tastes, Limoni di Sicilia (Sicilian lemons) and the infusion of Menta Peperita from Piemonte (Piedmont’s peppermint); Arance and Fichi d’India from Sicilia (Sicilian oranges and prickly pears); Chinotto from Sicilia and Bacche di Mirto from Sardegna (myrtle berries). At the end, the classical beverages for apperitifs, such as Sanbittèr, Gingerino and the new Sanbittér Emozioni.
Sanpellegrino exports its products in 150 countries across five continents, gaining credit as ambassador to the world of the unmistakable Italian style.

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