The expression Corporate Governance is used to identify the combination of rules and procedures which substantiates the management and control system of joint stock companies. An effective and efficient corporate organisation model must be capable of managing, with the correct methods, the business risks and potential conflicts of interest that can occur between directors and shareholders and between majorities and minorities.
In the area of the initiatives aimed at maximising value for shareholders and to guarantee transparency on the effectiveness of the management, Fiera Milano has therefore defined an organised and homogeneous system of rules of conduct regarding both its organisational structure and relationships with third parties, specifically the shareholders, which conforms with the best practices detectable nationally and internationally. In particular, the Fiera Milano Corporate Governance model is aligned with the recommendations set forth in the revised Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies approved by the Corporate Governance Committee in March 2006 and promoted by Borsa Italiana SpA.
The Company yearly provides dedicated information on the manner in which the Code and its recommendations have been concretely implemented in the Annual Report on Corporate Governance.

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