Fiera Milano Code of business ethics clearly defines the set of values that the company recognises, accepts and shares, and the combination of responsibilities that Fiera Milano takes on internally and vis-à-vis the outside world.
The observance of the Code of business ethics by Fiera Milano employees is of fundamental importance for Fiera Milano’s good operation, reliability and reputations – factors that are decisive assets for the Group’s success.
Besides respecting their general duties of fairness, correctness and execution of their employment contract in good faith, Fiera Milano employees must refrain from performing activities competing with those of Fiera Milano; observe corporate rules; and comply with the tenets of the Code, observance of which is also required pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 2104 of the Italian Civil Code.

The Code is brought to the attention of all those with whom Fiera Milano has business dealings.


Last updated on 26/09/2017 - 11.27